Here is a brief overview of what you can expect during your first visit at Hansen Family Chiropractic

Check-In & Paperwork

As a new practice member, you will be asked to complete some basic paperwork. If your visit is related
to a work-related injury or auto accident you will be asked to complete some additional detailed
paperwork prior to seeing the doctor. You will also be asked to provide your current insurance
Information. Financial plans are available to those practice members without insurance coverage.

Consultation & Assessment

New practice members will be greeted by either Dr. Hansen or Dr. Meier and proceed to the
consultation/adjusting room. The doctor will go over your health questionnaire with you and assess your
individual situation. Communication is key, and we will listen. Essentially, we will try our very best to
work with you, tell you if we can help or not, how long it may take and what it will cost.


Your chiropractor will determine if he feels that x-rays are required in determining the location of nerve
interference and misalignment in your body. X-rays may be taken on this first visit. A report of findings
will be scheduled for your second visit.

First Adjustment

After the completion of the initial assessment and x-rays the doctor will determine if you will be
adjusted on this first visit or if this will be postponed until after the report of findings for x-rays.
We look forward to serving you!

We would love to have you join us at Hansen Family Chiropractic sometime soon.

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