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We absolutely love the energy and positivity our patients bring to the office every day - they are what make our business shine and flourish!
Thanks to all the patients who contributed to this section of our website!



"Over the years, I have had knee replacement, shoulder surgery, neck pain and joint pain.  My health was getting worse and worse, feeling very toxic from many diabetes medications,  I was having to rely on my family for help more and more.  I was desperate, my  entire body felt sick, I was using a cane and I found it difficult to drive. I had heard about Dr. Hansen, so I found his ad in the phone book and within hours of his help, I was able to move easier and my body performed better. Dr. Hansen suggested a detoxification along with adjustments and it worked! Gradually, I had more energy, the aches and pains started to go away and I could sleep again. Unnecessary suffering was replaced by a general feeling of wellness! Thank you, I feel more like my old self again – you saved my life!"  -Judy


"Thank you for what you've done for me to get me restored to my normal daily living and the activities I enjoy. I know you argue that it is not you doing the healing, but it is. You and your crew are great! Your attitudes alone can go a long way, not to mention your treatment strategies and knowledge. I know I have to keep up with my "homework" but I feel like I came such a long way in a short time. I feel blessed to have Hansen Family Chiropractic come to my rescue."  -Sarah


"I truly think that Dr. Hansen is the best chiropractor I have ever gone to - the best!" - Gerri


"I hadn't been to a chiropractor since I was a child - when my back went out my wife suggested Dr. Hansen because he had helped her so much - so I went & was amazed at the relief I felt immediately."  -Dick


"I feel years younger, more energetic, 80% of the time pain free. I trust and appreciate Dr. Ryan for his expertise."  -Debra


"Dr. Ryan is very good and really cares for you, health-wise."  -Jack


"Chiropractic has served as the catalyst I needed to refine good health habits and with Dr. Hansen's suggestions, start new ones. I cant thank him enough."  -John


"I had an allergic reaction to a physician-prescribed medication for high blood pressure that sent me into the hospital emergency room with Vertigo. He said there was nothing more they could do for me. I was much better after the first week of Dr. Ryan's treatments; at the end of two weeks I was considerably better. I would absolutely recommend chiropractic care to others!"  -Donna


"Went to Dr. Hansen to deal with debilitating neck pain which caused lack of sleep and inability to work. After one treatment I noticed improvement! Yes, I would absolutely recommend chiropractic care! The x-rays show the changes. Chiropractic care addresses needs that are often missed by other care-givers - it really works!"  -Benjamine


"Use of your exercise equipment plus the chiropractic services were excellent. The doctor and staff were most helpful. Appointments were easy to make."  -Edward


"I came for a back adjustment and now have a life adjustment. I have wasted a lot of years of good health by not doing what I learned here. I noticed big changes in my health with weight loss, improved breathing, better undisturbed sleep, general feeling of being good and better posture. I would recommend chiropractic care to others if they are as dedicated as Dr. Hansen and Nicole."  -Robert


"I have used chiropractic care to keep me physically healthy so I could continue working for the past 26 years. I would have missed work or been unable to work without chiropractic care. Also, I take Flowmax for my urinary tract health. It kind-of worked but not as well as I would have liked. Since my last set of treatments, I have noticed a significant improvement. Thank you! I live in a pain free environment now with improved urinary health as a bonus!" 


"I wanted to thank you for the excellent care you gave me while I was your patient. As I said, "I wish I could have put you in a suitcase to take home". You are a very caring chiropractor and a very caring individual. I hope that you will always be that way with your patients. To Booie, everyone should have a person like her. She is simply MARVELOUS!! She sets the tone for how that office is viewed. There can be no one better! As for all the rest of the folks, they simply fit well into the office. Once again, THANK YOU!!"  -Alan


"I pinched a nerve in my back, have hip bursitis and a baker's cyst behind my knee. I could hardly walk, couldn't get up steps without pulling myself up and couldn't turn over in bed or get out of a chair. My problems were fighting hard, it took a few months before I noticed improvement and even now I am improving daily. I looked forward to traction because I always felt so much better after. I was tired and beaten down and depressed from all the pain. I now feel great again - I still have work to do but every day I see some improvements. I could not have done this without traction and someone overlooking my progress. Thanks for everything!"  -Carol


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your wonderful staff, Nicole and Booie, for what all of you are doing for me. To say thank you does not begin to express my gratitude for making a difficult time in my life so much easier. Thank you for helping make me better again."


"Dr. Ryan, thank you for your concern and the hope of healing!"


I can’t say enough about the benefits of seeing my chiropractor regularly but when I’m pregnant, it becomes a necessity! Regular chiropractic visits were a habit I took up with my first pregnancy and I was amazed at how great I felt. Hansen Family Chiropractic has now turned into my go-to “Pregnancy-Symptom Relief Center”! Early on in my pregnancies I only go as needed but as I get more and more pregnant and the stresses on my body start to affect my day-to-day life, I will try to get in at least twice a week. As I now have 3 other children, this has become a bit of a challenge, but my husband and I work out our schedules so that we can make it happen – it’s that important to both of us! The changes that your body goes through as a pregnant woman are astounding and the most effective form of relief that I have found is getting adjusted. It helps me sleep, it helps with my “twitchy legs” or Restless Leg Syndrome, and it has literally solved huge issues for me from constipation to that “I can’t breathe!” feeling so common to pregnant women! My OB doctor is always very impressed with how low my babies drop and the longest labor I have ever had lasted just over 9 hours. I’ve never had to push for more than 5 minutes and this, my OB doctor says, is due to having my spine, neck and body in alignment and everything where it is supposed to be. My lifestyle and activity level change very little when I’m pregnant (with 3 kids, a husband, a home and a business to run, I can hardly afford to slow down!) but I can actually enjoy my pregnancies and relish my children’s deliveries because of my chiropractor and the benefits of getting adjusted."  -Annie




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