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Chiropractic for Infants and Children

The first cells to differentiate about 7 hours after conception become the brain and spinal cord. This is how important the nervous system is to a child's subsequent development. Once developed within the womb, the nervous system helps develop the rest of the body and growth processes both before and after birth.

Labor isn't as injurious as it once was - yet still, an infant experiences some trauma during delivery which can cause spinal problems that show up in other areas of the child's body. Colic, ear/nose/throat infections, fussiness, unbalanced skull symmetry, foot inversion, torticollis, etc.

A baby can't yet speak to let us know what is wrong. They can only express discomfort, not its place of origin. Many parents see immediate results in the well-being of their child since the misalignment was handled in a timely fashion. Regular chiropractic checkups during a child's formative attempts at supporting his/her head, sitting upright, and learning to walk remain indispensable tools to continue healthy development, from the perspective of preventative care.

The main goal of a infant/child chiropractic care is to restore and/or maintain spinal alignment so that your young one can regain their natural dynamic state of harmony, balance and ease... and therefore continue growing and developing the way the body is designed to.

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